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Business Intelligence

The key to winning in the Information Age is making decisions that are consistently better and faster than the competition - survival of the fittest. Business Intelligence is an approach to managing your business that is dedicated to providing competitive advantage through the execution of fact-based decision making.

At tactical level, BI allows you to achieve this goal by applying a decision-making cycle of analyzing information, gaining insight, taking action, and measuring results.

At a strategic level, BI allows you to use the results of your analysis to create superior corporate strategies that outsmart your competitors.

By deploying successful BI solutions in your organization, you can put relevant information at the fingerprints of decision makers at all levels of your organization - functional areas, business units, and executive management.

e-cognosys has years of successful experience in executing the entire spectrum of DW and BI solutions right from incubation to implementation. Before we embark on any BI emgagement, we partner with our clients to realize the ROI and help them make a better choice.

Our capabilities in BI solution include:

Building Enterprise Data Warehouses & Data Marts

•     Strategy and Analysis
•     Business process modeling
•     Requirement Analysis and Use Case Engineering (Masterdata, Metadata etc)
•     Data Profiling, Data Cleansing / Quality
•     Data Modeling (Dimensional, Kimball etc)
•     Infrastructure Architecture
•     ETL Architecture
•     Analytical and Data Mining Architecture
•    Security and Compliance
•    Change Management
•    Configuration Management and Deployment

Refactor and maintain existing data warehouse and data marts

Integrate and consolidate data marts into enterprise data warehouse

Add analytical capabilities to existing system of client like

•     Data Mining
•     Dashboards
•     Reports and Feeds
•     Statistical and Predictive Analytics

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