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Quality Engineering

Our focus on software quality is driven primarily through the disciplines like CMM and Software Engineering. We apply suitable quality tools, methodologies and processes for each engagement. We make sure our quality team hone the following quality knowledge to work efficiently on any project.

Software Quality Fundamentals

•     Software Engineering Culture and Ethics
•     Value and Costs of Quality
•     Models and Quality Characteristics
•     Quality Improvement

Software Quality Management Process

•     Software Quality Assurance
•     Verification and Validation
•     Reviews and Audits

Practical Considerations

•     Application Quality Requirements
•     Defect Characterization
•     Software Quality Management Techniques
•     Software Quality Measurement
•     Static Testing
•     Dynamic Testing

Sometimes customers may not have thought through the quality issues or their related costs. If you are planning to setup a robust quality processing place for the product you are engineering, we can leverage our skills to achieve your goals.

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