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Product Engineering

Product engineering usually entails activity dealing with issues of cost, produce-ability, quality, performance, reliability, serviceability and user features. These product characteristics are generally all sought in the attempt to make the resulting product attractive to its intended market and a successful contributor to the business of the organization that intends to offer the product to that market. These requirements of markets have given rise to outsourcing in the Product Engineering services space.

For a software product company, success turns out to be the hallmark of constant, unprecedented innovation in technologies, products and business models. This reduces the time to market the product. Strategic offshore production today ceases to be a choice. It has come to stay and is imperative. Outsourcing is not only cost-effective. It proves to be the right choice for product companies to meet software design, development, quality assurance, testing, and maintenance requirements.

E-cognosys plays the role of a premier partner for many a reputed Software Product company. E-cognosys helps clients to achieve their business objectives. It addresses the outsourcing that results from offshore paradigm shift. We at E-cognosys have successfully capitalized on the increasing Offshore Development approach. E-cognosys now does hand-holding for client companies that opt for this approach. The services range from product elaboration to implementation iterations.

E-cognosys's Offshore Product Development Center enables customers to benefit from the following features:

•     Lower costs without compromising quality
•     Faster time-to-market
•     Reduced total cost of ownership
•     Focus on strategic priorities such as next generation products
•     Effective management of peaks and troughs at different stages of your product lifecycle

E-cognosys Offshore Product Development Centers provide the best in terms of skilled-resource-pool, quality, processes, infrastructure and executive commitment. These offshore centers are fine-tuned with years of experience. Our experience encompasses lasting partnerships with brand-builders and other such leading product entrepreneurs. We incorporate industry best practices to ensure substantial value addition for our clients. Our centers follow the development methodologies and processes of the partner company to establish smooth communication. E-cognosys is equipped with state-of-the-art communication facilities and infrastructure. We at E-cognosys work as a virtual extension of our client's design and development environment providing 24x7 services.

These offshore centers can be used to execute multiple projects. Our activities span product development, product sustenance, product testing and other services.

Key success factors at E-cognosys are listed below:

•     Product-savvy and domain-savvy development talent
•     A sizeable pool of high end architectural, design and testing skills
•     Flexible and dynamic development environments
•     Investments in product development centric tools
•     Creative working contracts which mitigate offshore venture risks
•     Protection of intellectual property rights
•     Flexible pricing mechanisms linked to success rates
•     Skill set for localization/internationalization of products

Our product management and software development processes are aligned with ISO-9001 and SEI-CMM requirements.

Product Design and Development

Product Maintenance and Support

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