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At E-cognosys, Quality is a journey, seeking continuous improvement and an initiative to constantly excel and surpass expectations. Our quality initiatives cover all facets including Organization, Project Management, Software Engineering and Support Processes.

We believe in seven values for managing the Quality:

•     Constantly monitor Customers Needs and Expectations;
•     Ensure complete coverage of Requirements versus Solution delivery;
•     Ensure rigorous Planning and Proactive Project Management Approach versus robust Implementation;
•     Ensure Incremental Delivery by using quick Design approach;
•     Constantly monitor Project Progress and manage Project Risks;
•     Actively learn from previous lessons;
•     Monitor and Measure Project Performance.

Establishing an Online Quality Management System has been the first of such steps to ensure a process-centric approach within the organization. The processes are implemented and the feedback from the implementation is used to ensure a continuous improvement framework.

In E-cognosys, the Quality Practice has an internal support group known as Software Quality Assurance (SQA) which takes care of the software Quality assurance activities in the projects. Under the guidance of senior Quality Leaders, SQAs are deputed to each project. They work with the projects and facilitate the implementation of the Quality Management System.

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