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Business Process Engineering

Most business processes-insurance,credit approval, and loan approval being good examples-consists of various decision points.At each decision point, certain criteria are evaluated. Based on these criteria or business rules, business processes change their behavior. In essence, these business rules drive the business processes. Most of the time, these rules are embedded whithin the business processes itself or inside custom PB,VB or Java code, which can cause several problems down the road.

By applying a standard process modeling in a particular vertical market, it will provide businesses with a capability of understanding their internal business procedures in the form of graphical notation. This will facilitate the understanding of the performance collaborations and business transactions between the companies.

Our main areas of interest are:

•     Business Process Management
•     Business Rules
•     Business Modeling

With core Business Process techniques, we commit to deliver a set of defined business outcomes that lead to profitable business for the client. We provide continuous improvement and innovation to our partners' business processes, enabling growth and the ability to sustain tangible benefits over time in the face of competition.

At present, we are providing these innovative consulting services in the following sector:

•     Government and Defense
•     Retail
•     Healthcare
•     Insurance
•     Transportation
•     Financial Services
•     Human Resources

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