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Data Mining

Data mining can be revolutionary-but only when it's done right. The powerful black box data mining software now available can produce disastrously misleading results unless applied by a skilled and knowledgeable engineer.

Data mining is becoming more widespread every day, because it empowers companies to uncover profitable patterns and trends from their existing databases. Companies and institutions have spent millions of dollars to collect terabytes of data but are not taking advantage of the valuable and actionable information hidden deep within their data repositories. However, as the practice of data mining becomes more widespread, companies that do not apply these techniques are in danger of falling behind and losing market share, because their competitors are using data mining and are thereby gaining competitive edge.

e-cognosys has been helping our clients apply data mining and machine learning techniques to identify knowledge profitable business decision making. Some of our consulting services in this area include:

•     Data preprocessing and classification
•     Association Rule Mining
•     Neural and Kohonen networks
•     Decision trees
•     Exploratory analysis
•     k-means clustering
•     Support Vector Machines
•     Bayesian networks
•     Market-Basket Analysis
•     Model evaluation technique

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