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"Once an organization loses its spirit of pioneering and rests on its early work, its progress stops" - Thomas J. Watson, Sr.

1. Enterprise Computing

In a survey by IBM Business Consulting Services, 90% of CEOs expect to transform their enterprise to become more responsive, particulary to customer demand, within the next five years. More than half expect to be engaged in significant company-wide transformation initiatives within two years. The key enabler for this transformation is enterprise computing which uses SOA as its backbone.

Enterprise computing underlies both cross-departmental dependencies and external business relationships. Consequently, Service-Oriented-Architecture for enterprise must deal with large number of different and complex requirements.

We can help companies adopt enterprise SOA to reduce cost and risk, improve efficiency and agility, and liberate from ever changing technology.

What we offer:

•     Making the busniess case for SOA
•     Define and communicate the economic value proposition of an SOA
•     Planning SOA project: best practices and pitfalls to avoid
•     SOA analysis and design and apply pragmatic design principles
•     Securing and Managing SOA environment
•     Using SOA to simplify EAI
•     Implementing business processes and workflow in SOA environments

2. Grid Computing

According to Forrester Research report, about 37% of enterprises are piloting, rolling out or have implemented some form of grid computing. IDC calls grid computing the fifth generation of computing, after multi-tier model. Grid computing is about using technology as a way of delivering business value quickly and reliably, despite changes in environment. Some of the benefits of Grid computing are:

•     Flexibility
•     Excellent Quality of Service
•     Rapid ROI

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