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Big Data - Intelligent Customer Analytics

To remain competitive and relevant, businesses MUST build their companies around their customers, or risk losing them. No customers? No company! Collecting and analyzing data on customer behavior patterns and preferences – for example, what they purchase and when, how they perceive your brand and why, what they would change and how – is imperative for businesses.

While the rise of social media allows businesses to market themselves for free, big data analytics provide the insights needed to market the RIGHT product/service to the RIGHT audience.

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iC-360™ product enables organizations to research, analyze and discover customer behavioral patterns by leveraging various source of data like

•    social media networks like, facebook, twitter, chats, comments, reviews and other micro blogs.
•     Company’s transactional data
•     User defined data source

It will also give a consolidated view of particular brand, product or service from a social media customer perspective. Single Customer View (SCV) and the vision that marketers can truly understand their customers across all channels.


Through better customer analytics from social media, marketing managers will be able to align their deployment of resource to achieve the highest value and avoid the costs and inefficiencies of marketing them at the wrong time. Some of the other benefits of iC-360™ include:

•     Provide executive management with 360° view of customer and market insight
•     Act intelligently and quickly to changing market conditions
•    Improve customer satisfaction with experiences and engagement
•     Gain complete view of customer activity across channels
•     Identify potential competitive advantages
•     Discover what influences buying behavior
•     Develop more effective loyalty programs
•     Manage brands effectively in social media
•     Identify characteristics for better segmentation
•     Measure the market pulse, share of voice and brand reputation compared with competition
•     Determine the effectiveness of marketing touches and messages in buying behavior
•     Using predictive analytics on social media to discover patterns and anticipate customers’ problems with products or services

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