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Project Management

The issues found by numerous studies [Allan 2002; Kolenso 2001; Yetton et al. 2000; The Standish Group 1998,The Standish Group 1996; DeMarco 1997] that increase the likelihood of failure in IT projects include:

•     Absence of a clear vision and statement of requirements
•     Unrealistic expectations due to estimating difficulties and organizational politics
•     Lack of project decomposition
•     Inadequate staffing policies and team conflict
•     Lack of stakeholder involvement and focus
•     Lack of strategic focus and executive management support

This training focuses on existing Project Management structured methods and practices for improving the design, implementation and success of IT projects, with a view to uncovering methodologies suited to address the particular needs and problems of IT project management.

You will learn

•     Project Management Guidelines & Techniques
•     Inadequacies of balanced scorecard for Project Management
•     Balanced Approach to IT Project Management

1 Project
2 Strategic Alignment & Programme Management
3 Project Processes
4 Project Foundation

•     Scope, Time, HR & Quality Management
•     Use new tools to support planning and execution, thereby shrinking time to market
•     Address crisis management
•     Customize best practices
•     Close the gap between theory and feasibility

Some of the other key topics will be

•     Review and validate project objectives
•     Establish a multi-functional project team
•     Define the framework by which team members will work together
•     Develop the work breakdown structure (WBS) and assign ownership to each task
•     Produce a schedule that can be managed by critical path and float
•     Refine estimates and finalize resource requirements
•     Develop risk management plans
•     Track, access and communicate project status
•     Manage issues, changes and additional risks
•     Conduct close-out reviews and communicate key learning


This course is intended for

•     Senior Executives
•     Project Managers

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