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As there are so many commercially available software solutions for the retail industry, many retailers find their paths hindered by the intricacies of software implementation and maintenance. Most of the challenges stem from the integration of diverse software solutions. We realize that there is a great opportunity for retailers to establish a right retail architecture to deliver the right information to the right people on right time.

Our core strengths in this industry are:

•     Strategizing suitable retail architecture
•     Identity Management
•     Leveraging RFID for tracking and inventory control
•     Deploying proven third party retail frameworks
•     Portal for multi-channel user interface
•     CRM
•     Data Warehouse

Business Intelligence with Core Data Mining Offer :

Why are sales below target? Why did we sell less in the west? Why did complains go up? Why did the late deliveries go up? What effect does a price change have on sales of a new product? In order to answer these questions, e-cognosys architected a revolutionary retail analystics solution for agile business.

As the hardware costs are going down day by day, we can crunch terabytes of data for predective modeling. We use experimental data ( from our clients) to verify the underlying first principle models to and to estimate some of the model parameters that are difficult to measure directly. As a result, companies can extract useful knowledge hidden in these data and act upon it for smarter decisions. Some of the cutting edge techniqus we use for this solution are:

•     Kohonen Networks
•     Neural Networks
•     Association Rules
•     Model Evaluation Techniques
•     Support Vector Machines
•     Classification
•     Regression Techniques
•     Fuzzy Sets and VC-Dimension
•     Data & Dimensionality Reduction
•     Nonlinear Optimization Strategies

The e-cognosys Enterprise Business Intelligence Solution is designed to provide actionable knowledge for competitive edge.

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