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Data Management

Database technology is one of the cornerstones of the IT systems. Most of the database solutions are engineered using intution or guess. We would like to take a scientific and engineering approach to delivery robust data management solutions. We intend to apply latest industry research techniques to address the ever growing client demands. Some of our solutions are categorized into:

•     Data Analysis
•     Data Modeling
•     Data Architecture
•     Data Engineering
•     Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
•     Data Analysis

Data Analysis is that set of processes and activities whereby the user requirements are identified and the data elements necessary to satisfy those requirements are identified, defined, specified, and organized. Some of the stuff we do in this area are:

•     Current function analysis
•     Development of the current function model
•     Current process and activity analysis
•     Development of the current process model
•     Current data source and usage analysis
•     Identify various I/Os for data usage
•     Developing Conceptual and Logical Data Models

Data Modeling

A data model is a powerful tool for expressing information systems requirements and capabilities. Its value lies partly in its conciseness. The key reason for giving special attention to data organization is leverage in the sense that a small change to data model may have a major impact on the system as a whole. We believe that a well-designed data model can make programming simpler and cheaper. Even a small change to the model may lead to significant savings in total development cost. We thus, strive to help our clients that a strutured approach to data modeling is very important. Hence we emphasize the following:

•     A tight collaboration between data modelers and the users with different perspectives to make sure their understanding of the data domain is complete.
•     Conflict resolution by involving the user iteratively.
•     Asking specific questions to users on data issues not the process or system performance issues.
•     Choose a right methodology that supports the evolution of the data as additional data is received
•     Embracing XML

Some of our other services in this category are:

•     Enterprise data modeling
•     Data modeling for data warehouse or business analytics
•     Specialized data modeling for scientific, geographic and data mining databases

Data Architecture

As the organizations are growing and spreading across different parts of the globe, there is an insurmountable amount of data that need to be stored, managed, and used in different parts of the systems. Unless companies establish common guidelines for data operations that make it possible to predict, model, gauge and control, they bound to experience business performance problems that could cost billions of dollars. We partner with our clients to achieve some the critical tasks of data architecture:

•     Persistence storage architecture
•     Data Integration and reconciliation
•     Model exploration
•     Data Security
•     Implementation of common data operations
•     Data Cleansing
•     Data Quality

Data Engineering

•     Estimation
•     Storage design
•     Backup and Recovery

Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining

We use innovative algorithms and techniqes from machine learning to solve some of the complex decision making problems in Health Care, CRM and Insurance industry. Some of our services in this area are:

•     Customer Profiling, Classification, Segmentation and Response Prediction
•     Efficient methods for processing very large volumes of data
•     Applying suitable methodologies for the integration of heterogeneous collection of data at different level of abstraction
•     Deploying right tools to represent meta-information
•     Using proven frameworks for recommender systems for personalization
•     Customer Segmentation, models and profiles
•     Mining structured and unstructured data
•     Pattern recognition
•     Event monitoring and triggering
•     Data and stream analysis

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