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BI Hosting

Recently, industry analysts are seeing an increase in the adoption of emerging trends and alternative delivery models for BI, including software-as-a-service (SaaS), a software deployment where an application is hosted and provided to customers across the Internet (see Note 1). We will explore the changing market dynamics that make now the time for mass adoption of hosted BI.

IT departments have become burdened by the vast amounts of data businesses need to manage and analyze to stay competitive. In fact, a recent online poll by Deloitte found that nearly two out of every five executives (39.7 percent) felt that data volumes in their organizations are increasing in size and becoming unmanageable.

Using a SaaS model, global enterprises, mid-market companies, and individual business units can leverage outside resources to manage their data. With lower cost and increased value for the business, SaaS BI solutions are becoming more accepted, providing a point solution for vital problems that allow business leaders to get back to managing their business, not their data.

Some of our services include:

•     Design, architecture,development, maintenance, testing and administration.
•    Host solutions that the client relies upon to automate their monitoring and management of day-to-day business operations.
•     Robust utilization of COTS tools.
•     Well designed SLAs.
•     Scaleable infrastructure.

How are you benefitted:

•     Reduced infrastructure investment.
•    No costs associated with computer upgrades, network upgrades, software licenses, in-house development, in-house support and maintenance.
•     A company will save on total cost of ownership.
•     Save more money and afford more powerful operational systems because of shared resources.
•     Able to access data from remote locations.
•     Meets storage needs for large volumes of data.
•     Reduced time to market.
•     Empower innovation in core business areas.
•     Highly encrypted data.

We strongly believe that even a small company can make use of our business analytics and data mining technologies in the form of an hosted envrironment.

Some of the BI applications enabled by our hosted environment are:

•     Customer analytics in retail and insurance industry
•     Target up-selling and cross-selling opportunities
•     Promotional offerings
•     Analyze clickstream patterns
•     Predictive recommendations
•     Customer segmentation and Classification
•     Association Rule Mining

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